Catfish inhabits in northern part of the Atlantic Ocean: the North sea, the Norwegian sea, the Baltic sea, the Barents sea, The White sea. Spotted catfish is the largest representitive of Anarhichadidae family:it reaches a length of up to 144 cm with a weight of more than 30 kg. It is rich in such vitamines and minerales as: B1 - 16%, B6 - 15%, PP - 29%, phosphorus - 22,5%, sulphur - 19%, iodine - 33,3%, chrome - 110%, cobalt - 200%. The benefits of catfish are in the high content of fat soluble vitamins and fats that consists of essential fatty acids are useful for the activity of the cardiovascular system. Catfish can be recommended as a part of diet and sports nutrition due to the abundance of easily digestible proteins in it's meat. Nutritional value per 100 gr.: Proteins - 19,6 gr., Fats - 5,3 gr., Energy value - 126 kcal.

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