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Ice Fish has a white blood and belongs to perch family. Area of habitat is the coasts of Antarctica. The appearance of the whole family reminded to the scientists the marine fish Hannah well known to ancient Greeks; hence it's long Latin name Channichthyidae (literally means: hanovia fish). Meat of Ice fish contains up to 7% of Fats and approximately 17% of Proteins. The meat is dense, soft, low in calories (about 80 calories per 100 gr.), this fish contains potassium, phosphorus, fluorine and variety of valuable minerals and vitamins. Fish almost does not have the bones, only a spine; and it also has no spesific unpleasant fish smell. Thus this fish can be bought by all who cannot tolerate fish smell. Taking into account that this fish inhabits in the Antarctic ice, that is in ecologically green regions of our planet, it is clean and contains no hazardous substances. It feeds on the krill, its meat is slightly sweet and tastes like a shrimp. It's a dream of all who wants to eat healthy diet food. Nutritional value per 100 gr.: Proteins - 17.7 gr., Fats - 2,2 gr., Energy value - 90 kcal.

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