The Shrimps are probably exactly that product which practically leaves no one indifferent. Just several years ago the shrimps were considered as a real delicacy, and today it can be found everywhere. So now besides that we are able to enjoy this nutritious product, we also can obtain a portion of the vitamins because the composition of the shrimps is so rich and diverse that to maintain good spirits and good health it is enough just to eat a handful of this seafood.

All shrimps are divided into warm-water and cold-water shrimps. Usually the first is larger (king and tiger prawns).

There is no doubt that shrimps and other seafood are very useful. It consits the high content of calcium, sulfur, zinc, iodine, potassium, fatty acids. All these elements help us to develop the organism normally and to maintain health.

Shrimps contain low amount of fat and calories, and at the same time it has a lot of protein and fatty acids. So the shrimps can become the basis for a delicious and balanced diet positive effecting on the cardiovascular system.

Nutritional value per 100 gr.: Proteins - 18,3 gr., Fats - 1,2 gr., Carbohydrates - 0,8 gr., Energy value - 87 kcal.

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