Dear Customers!

We invite you to visit one of our self-pickup points:

The company "northern Seafood" does not only offer the most favorable conditions for buying, but also makes sure that you can quickly get your order in the most convenient way for you.

Many customers already appreciate the benefitsreceipt of the goods from our self-pickup warehouse: from our self-pickup warehouse:

Special price with a 5% discount on the entire range, including delicacies

No need to wait for a courier, you will receive the order, when it suits you

The ability to get the order day-to-day by visiting any of our self pickup points, during working hours

Testing and inspection of products is performed in the presence of the buyer

An excellent opportunity to learn and get acquainted with the new arrivals,as well as goods that you have wanted to try for a long time, but there were doubts whether it is necessary to order with delivery

You will get advice on of products from our managers

Get the goods warehouse ex-company "northern Seafood" customers, along with the economy, have an excellent opportunity to ask questions regarding the preparation and properties of consumer goods from the specialists of showroom - warehouse.

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