Information for the Customers

Advantages of the shopping in our company

The ordering is by phone:

+7 (495) 641-00-86 multichannel

+7 (499) 703 13-33

You can make changes to placed order up to 03.00 p.m. of the day prior the day of shipping. It will take 1-2 business days to assemble and ship the products provided that the goods are in a stock. 

Please advise to the operator the following information when ordering:

  • Physical shipping address
  • Contact details (Consignee's name and cell number)
  • Name and quantity of product
  • Desired date and time of shipping
  • Do not forget to write down the number of your order.

Payment terms and order receipt:

  • The courier of our delivery service informs you by phone was indicated when ordering. 
  • The order is shipped up to your doorstep or to another agreed place.
  • The order is accompanied by a set of documents: a bill and cash voucher. If you need additional documents please inform us about it in advance when ordering or confirm the order.
  • Our representative helps you to check the order content. The payment is to be done in amount of actually delivered goods by cash; also by your order the control weighing is done.  

Dear Customers!

We would like to remind youto check the quality, quantity,andweight of the products with the steelyard whichcan be provided by our trade representative
Kindly notethatafter receiving the orderthe claims by the quantity, the appearance of the productand packagingare considered by the Quality Control Departmentin accordance with the valid Legislation of Russian Federation.


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