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The "Northern Seaproducts" Company ready to offer you wide range of high quality frozen fish, seafood, fish cuisine, caviar and canned goods from different parts of Russia and from abroad.


The range that we offer - is the result of hard work on the expansion of our food line. We have created it by selecting products that meet the highest international quality standards, and of course according to your wishes.

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History of success

"Northern Seaproducts" - a young and dynamic company, founded in 2008. It was created as an exclusive distributor of high-quality fillets of cod and haddock in Russia. Fresh fillets produced at sea, on board the ships of the company "FFVariant" JSC

Price - Quality

The cost of our products is below the market average, and the quality is higher, for several reasons. You order fish and seafood by phone or via the Internet with delivery from stock. Thus we are freed from the cost of maintaining a retail store that has a direct impact on the cost of the product, as well as our product avoids unnecessary transportation without violating the conditions of temperature and keeping it in its original condition.

Accurate Processes

Optimized logistics scheme includes specialized cars-thermoses and low temperature storage, which allow to guarantee compliance with the temperature from the time of production, up to the picking up of the order at home or at work. All products are produced directly on board of ships at sea, and in the modern high-tech factories on the shore. In our online store you can overview company's product range, place your order, get detailed information about the nutritional value, cooking recipes, as well as offer their own versions of recipes. The company's managers are always ready to help to choose the interesting to you products and answer any questions.

We are an importer of products from 2014.

We find factories, select and deliver quality products from countries such as Chile, Argentina, Turkey, India, and recycling in the audited factories. The absence of intermediaries allows to control the quality of our products from manufacturer to your the table. So you get the best quality for less money.

Supplier of Nestle

We are the official supplier of Nestle in Russia

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