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About us

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The company Northern Seaproducts is ready to offer you the wide assortment of fresh frozen fish, seafood and fish gastronomy, caviar and tinned fish produced in different areas of Russia and in foreign countries.

The assortment offering to you today is a result of the painstaking work to expand our food range by selection of products that meet the requirements of the highest international quality standards and, of course, taking into account your wishes.

The company "Northern Seaproducts" is ready to offer to you the wide assortment of fresh frozen fish.

to Buy seafood in Moscow

Welcome to the online shop of fish and seafood in Moscow "Northern seaproducts"! Delivery is carried out, including, on the middle suburbs, to buy our products in Saint-Petersburg and Samara.

This section presents the semi-finished products along with canned food, caviar, butter, fish, the price of seafood will surprise you! You do not need to search for suitable store to stand in line – we'll bring the order within the specified time, and you will certainly be pleased with the taste qualities of our products. Ordering fish over the Internet is easy, inexpensive.

Fishorder.ru online seafood store

With the assistance of our seafood will always be present in your food. They are easy to cook, every woman will be able to make a delicious dish in minutes. Northern fish, which is very useful. Omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, coupled with a huge amount of minerals, trace elements contribute to the increase in life expectancy, prevention of many diseases.

You can Buy seafood should though, because their regular consumption will minimize the risk of thyroid disease, heart along with blood circulation, formation of blood clots. The Northern fish is extremely useful for children and pregnant women. Delicacies contain a lot of protein and high-calorie minimum (4 times less calories compared to meat). This is a great way to lose weight!

Organic food home delivery!

You Can prepare with the help of our online seafood store, simple dishes, and you can create a work of art! Enough to add a dish herbs and spices together with lemon juice, pepper, garlic, and a masterpiece is ready! Add a table side dish, salad – a memorable meal or dinner is guaranteed, while this dish is not only extremely tasty, but also useful! No accident is a direction, as selling seafood selling everything develops, because everyone wants to take care of your health.

Price of seafood

and the products are sold directly from the warehouse, so our customers are protected from long waiting for the goods, overpayments associated with the presence of many intermediaries. We don't need to the store, pay rent, etc., so you can buy seafood profitable.

From year to year we satisfy the increasing demand for Northern products, providing a vast variety of delicacies. Today among our clients are restaurants, cafes and individuals who want to buy seafood in Moscow cheaply and at any time of the day.

Our advantages:

  • Uninterrupted supplies from Russia, other countries of the world;
  • Wide range;
  • quality assurance
  • the Optimal price for the products;
  • Production is carried out on Board ships at sea, coupled with modern high-tech factories;
  • shipping fish and seafood to home made in specialized cars-thermoses, along with low-temperature storage – we guarantee the continuity of the optimal temperature of Northern fish from the moment of production to the receipt of the order by the client.

For 8 years we have achieved a reputable seller you trust, with whom to work. Another proof are your many recommendations online seafood store friends and acquaintances. We carefully treat the issue of quality of the sold products, regularly check the proper operation of freezers and refrigeration equipment in the warehouse, vehicles so that you can always buy fresh seafood.

We maintain the taste quality of products sold in contrast to fish from conventional supermarkets. To make a purchase in our online seafood store simply and conveniently, it takes only a few minutes.

If you have certain issues in such areas as selling seafood in Moscow, we are always happy to help! Call us, we'll answer all your questions!

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